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Fake-A-Call Free™

The original and still the best fake calling application in the App Store!

* Just like a real call!

* Fully functional keypad / speaker / mute / contacts buttons!

*Fake A Call at the press of a button, or have it delay and call you at a specified time!

* Record a voice and have it play on the other end of the line! ( Or choose from our professionally recorded samples)

* Record a voice fully functional with speaker button! (When speaker is not on, voice is barely audible, turn the speaker on and everyone will hear your fake conversation!)

* Escape a bad date, boring meeting, or just impress your friends!

* Easiest and most fully functional fake caller application!

* Free version is fully functional and fully customizable! It just has ads on the setup screen!

See what the fuss is all about and download Fake-A-Call Free today! You'll be glad you did!