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Compass PointMeThere 3GS™

Have Compass PointMeThere 3GS point you to any location in the world!

Instead of using GPS locations to give you a rough heading, Compass PointMeThere 3GS uses the new magnetic compass hardware to always point you in the right direction!

Compass PointMeThere 3GS provides you with an animated compass showing your current heading, and a red needle pointing towards your selected destination.

Hit 'Add' on the 'Home Location' screen to add your current location to your list of locations, or enter the latitude and longitude to add more exotic locations such as the North Pole, Mecca, or the Western Wall. Store up to 30 locations. Select the location and the red needle will point you there!

Hikers -- Find a good spot to camp for the night, mark it, and then go exploring. Compass PointMeThere 3GS will point you straight back to camp no matter where you are!

Travelers -- Mark where your hotel is and you'll never have to ask for directions again! Make sure your cabbie really is going in the right direction!

Boaters -- Mark your dock and you will always have the shortest path home. Never get lost at sea again!

At a large event -- Mark the location of your car and know where to walk no matter what exit you use!

We are sure you can think of many more uses.... Here's how it works:

Compass PointMeThere 3GS uses your iPhone 3GS hardware to always show you what direction you are facing. Additionally, you can hit the 'Home Locations' button and record the location you are currently in (or put in any latitude/longitude points). You can store up to 30 of these locations. When you select one of these locations, the red needle will always point directly there! You will never get lost again!