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Pack Manager™

A must have for all travelers!

Have you ever forgotten to pack an important toiletry or piece of clothing? Ever have that lingering feeling that you left something behind in your hotel room?

Worry no more with Pack Manager!

Pack Manager allows you to manage your luggage on any trip you take. Simply create a trip, add whatever luggage containers you will be bringing, and then specify what you will be putting in each luggage item. Packing has never been easier! Simply set these lists up beforehand, check them over immediately before leaving and returning, and you will never loose an item again!

Pack Manager has your ease of use in mind. Select from our extensive list of luggage containers and common travel items to populate your lists as fast as possible. You can modify any items on these lists by adding descriptions or taking their picture, or you can always create brand new items.

Take the worry out of traveling and enjoy your trips -- buy Pack Manager today!