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Boa Constrictor Lite™

This is the lite version of Boa Constrictor. The full version features 'Evolved' gameplay with mice and hawks, and global high scores.

Yes there are many 'Classic Snake' games available for the iPhone, but none of these worms are as evolved as Boa Constrictor Lite!

Boa Constrictor Lite allows you to control a cute green boa constrictor around a grassy field. Use your finger to lead your snake, or use the virtual keypad. Eat food to gain points, but don't run into the vines or your body!

Boa Constrictor Lite offers one unique gameplay experiences:

Classic Mode: This mode is similar to the classic snake gameplay. Your snake is constantly moving forward and you must avoid eating yourself or the level's edge. Eating apples makes you grow longer and gives you points.

Once you play Boa Constrictor, you'll forget there ever was another snake game.