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Ringing Relief™

Ears ringing? Ringing Relief can help!

Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) is caused when tiny hairs in your inner ear get stuck in the bent position and send false signals to the brain.

Frequently caused by listening to headphones too loud, standing too close to a speaker at a concert, or being around construction or heavy machinery, tinnitus can be annoying at best, and debilitating at worst.

Finally there is an easy and free way to cure your tinnitus! Low frequency hums are sometimes able to shake free the troubled stuck ear hairs, leaving the ringing behind. Ringing Relief allows you to plug in your headphones and be treated with three low frequency hum treatments.

Simply play the low frequency hum that sounds best to you for 90 seconds and your ears should ring no more!

If the tinnitus treatments included with Ringing Relief do not solve your problem, Ringing Relief also provides a pink and white noise tinnitus mask. Playing these sounds might not make the ringing go away, but if all else fails, it will help you cover it up and put it out of mind.

You have nothing to loose except the ringing in your ear! Download Ringing Relief today!