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Virtual Graffiti™

If you're dying to get a can of spray paint and 'complete' the "Uck's Tackle and Bait" shop sign, wish you could paint a big ol' doughnut on your town's PD wall, or simply wish to integrate your artistic talent with the local landscapes -- Virtual Graffiti is the app for you!

Snap a pic, add your thoughts or artistic touches, and load it to the Virtual Graffiti servers! Your current location will be uploaded along with the photo, letting the world know where this graffiti is! All the fun and recognition of tagging, none of the risk!

Browse through virtual graffiti near you, or anywhere in the world using the integrated Google Maps tools! A cool bit of graffiti from across the globe is just a pinch, swipe, and double tap away!

Virtual Graffiti features:

--Easy to use graffiti paint tool with 6 brushes and over 20 shades of paint!

--Geographic based image hosting / browsing

--A way to share you're area and artistic talent with the world!